End of an era ,beginning of a new one…

Its been one month since I came to Delhi .I am doing my graduation from Pearl Academy in Fashion Media Communication.I am enjoying my college and my studies here, guided by talented and friendly teachers .I am learning so many new things here and I can feel the changes that are happening to me .

When I was in Lucknow ,before joining my college I was  completely emotionless when it came to moving to delhi and going to college .It was a very new thing for me moving to a new city, living with new people ,living away from family.Sometimes I thought how will I manage everything,will I be able to make new friends and interact with new people,will I be able to adjust .But now ,after one month when I think about all this I really feel very happy that I am able to do many things.I feel I am becoming independent ,I am doing things which I never did before.                                            Though I am away from my home but I have made friends in my hostel as well as in  my class ,spending time with them makes me feel satisfied.

 In one month I can feel the changes in me I am becoming confident,independent, more vocal and strong .I have started enjoying the new phase in life leaving my past behind.Not thinking about my future but trying to make my present my life .Embracing my life and following my passion will lead me to my bright future.I am sure life always will never be a smooth path for me but  facing the hurdles ,accepting the challenges ,believing in myself will take me to the heights .Ten years from now,I will make sure I can say that I chose your life ,I did not settle for it.Every morning I will start a new page in my story and will make it great.














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