People are getting so busy in their work or other things that they dont get time for themselves.Working all the time for several hours and taking tensions makes us unhealthy and sad.Self analysis is very important for us .Self analysing makes us realise our flaws and our good deeds .When we find out time for ourselves we get a chance to know ourselves better and to think what we are doing and what we want to do and where life is taking us .

Due to so hectic schedule ,people forget to smile everyday and stay happy.Everyone is complaining for little things and making themselves feel bad and also loosing the precious time which is limited .We should thank god for everything we have . We should stop thinking about our past because thinking about past makes us loose our present and also losing our present will effect our future.

Happiness is the key to success.Everyone should stay happy  and not expect anything from anyone because expectations always hurts .Life is small so love your life and live just for yourself and do what you love.


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