The Age of Adaline – Review

The age of Adaline ,released in 2015,directed by Lee Toland Krieger and written by J.Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz is an American romance fantasy.The protagonist of the film Adaline Bowman married and had a daughter but her husband dies in an accident.Adaline mets with an accident during snowstorm and dies but the lightening strike revives her .As a result  Adaline stops ageing .Her daughter Flemming grows older than her.Adaline ,to hide her truth from the world runs from every place whenever someone  doubts her.One new years eve she meets Ellis jones.Ellis already fallen in love with Jenny (changed her name Adaline) asks her out but Jenny refuses him as she knows she can not have a normal future with anyone .Next day Ellis meets Jenny at work and again asks her out This time Jenny accepts .After two dates they spend night together.One day Jenny’s dog falls ill ,she does not pick up the phone calls from Ellis therefore Ellis comes to her residence but Jenny dislikes this so she asks Ellis to go back .While Jenny was seeing some old photograps her heart changes and she goes back to Ellis and apologises to him.That day Ellis invites her to his home on the occasion of his parents  40th anniversary.When they reach home Ellis introduces her to his father William .On seeing each other William realises  that its Adeline ,his old love.William talks/(mentions adeline) about Adaline but Jenny lies to him that it was her mom with whom William was in love. At night Ellis tells Jenny that he is in love with her.The next day William while talking to jenny finds a scar on Jenny’s hand  and he immediately realized that it is Adaline only and not Jenny .William asks Jenny about everything and says that this was the only reason why she left him.William asks Adaline to not leave his son Ellis but Adaline again runs away leaving a note for Ellis.On the way Adaline  realizes that she can not do this again and that she is in love with Ellis. She calls Fleming, her daughter and tells her that she is going back to him. As soon as she was going back she meets with an accident . Ellis after reading the note Adeline had left for him at his house, follows her and on the way sees her car crashed and lying on the side of the road. Adaline dies but this time again during snowstorm lightening strikes her and she is revived .In the hospital Ellis says that he scared her last night but then only Adaline tells him that she loves him too and also tells the truth to Ellis.After recovery ,one day Adaline and Ellis were going for an outing ,Adaline notices something on her hair she sees a white hair and realizes that she has again started to grow .Adaline finds it perfect and goes happily with Ellis.


The character Adaline played by Blake Lively is a very strong character.Adaline has been shown as a brave girl .She looses her husband mets with an accident and hides the truth that she can not grow old from the world .She runs away everytime changing her identity whenever anyone doubts her.She was attracted to Ellis but refuses to go with him at first because she knows she can not have a normal life with anyone.Whenever she left Ellis she always thought she was doing wrong with a good man .Earlier when she was with William soon after she knew that she has stopped ageing she left William thinking that she can not have a normal future with him.But later Adaline realises that it is too much for her now she can’t run away all the time she is tired of running from her loved ones  and so she ends up telling the truth to Ellis and lives happily with him.

The character Ellis played by Michiel Huisman is shown as a trustworthy character .Ellis loved Adaline truly .Adaline did not want to go for a date with Ellis ,she refused him but Ellis still tried to pursue her by going at her work place ,Adaline agreed this time.Ellis was always loyal to Adaline even when Adaline told Ellis that they can not be together and then after realizing she apologized to him,Ellis immediately accepted her apology and again was with her.Ellis was truly in love with Adaline and even told her that he loves her.He became tensed when Adaline left him ,he thought he scared Adaline by saying he loved her he ran after her to stop her from going.When Adaline told the truth to him he happily accepted the thing and was with her.

William ,Ellis’s father  has been shown as a good person .He finds Adaline resembling to her as ex lover .After knowing that Adaline his Ellis’s girlfriends mother  he still finds it difficult to accept.It has been shown that William also loved Adaline too much and was upset by the fact that Adaline left him in between of the relationship.On seeing the scar on Adaline’s hand he immediately finds the truth and even goes to his store room and the picture of him with Adaline .He confronts Adaline after knowing the truth and pleads her to not leave his son again.When Ellis asks William about Adaline he asks him that if he truly loves Adaline or not and gives him the keys so that he can go and find her.He has also been shown as a responsible dad.

The whole story was very interesting,and the characters were also very fascinating.Starting from the problem faced by Adaline  and then the romance shown between Ellis and Adaline everything was very creatively shown.The chemistry between Blake and Michiel was awesome.The cinematography was also very nice in the movie.The dresses worn by the cast members especially by Blake Lively were very beautiful.Blake carried herself very nicely through out the movie.

The only thing which made the viewers think was how can someone stop growing after an age .This was a bit unrealistic thing.They told that the reason why Adaline stopped ageing after an accident can be only proved in 2035,which was very clever .



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