Final Topic – Context /Introduction

The very first time when I got to know about Shantiniketan leather crafts was because of my mother.My mother is very fond of handmade leather bags from Shantiniketan.

Shantiniketan,in West Bengal is famous for its handcrafted leather products .The craft was started in villages near Shantiniketan.Initially it involved only handbags but with the passage of time many innovations occured and now the craft involves different types of products from handbags to various types of boxes.Traditional motifs are used in these products along with this one can also notice a very good interpretation of nature.Batik print is also seen in these products which makes it very appealing.This handicraft has a very interesting process of making which includes use of natural dyes and different tools and techniques.

Stay tuned till my next post comes which will give more information about this craft , will include explorations and many more things.



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