Macro and Micro area

The GK market is a very big market which is divided into lanes.The lanes has many shops, mostly there are shops for clothing.Now the market even has restaurants and cafes where people relax on weekends.There are four grops in the class and each group has been given a lane for study as there macro area.The macro area to which I belong to starts from Geetanjali till the Prince paan vala shop.The lane mostly has clothing shops and very few cafes in it.There are in total 47 shops including the local shops.

Amongst all these shops we have to choose one shop as our micro area in which we can give our design solutions.We can redesign the interiors of the shop or can work on the packaging of the item or can also work on window display etc.The solution has to be taken out only if we find some problem in the shop.

We will create a 3d model of the map of our macro area in the 4th week so stay tuned.



Source:Photography:Priya.G.(19 March 2017) (View inside the shop. Whole view of the lane from outside.)


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