Observing the culture…


Source:Photography:Priya.G.(19 March 2017) (Ladies busy buying cloths and accessories.  Lanes in GK market full with shops of all kind.)

Greater Kailash market is no doubt a very posh market.The minute you enter there you can feel the vibe of western culture.The market is covered mostly with both branded shops and local shops.Similarly the people there seem to be from an affluent background.The market not only has shops for clothes but also many cafes and pubs where youngsters are found there.Many times foreigners are also seen there enjoying the market and purchasing items.The market has products of all range.From old people to young college going students everyone is found there.The market becomes a bit congested due to not so wide roads and also due to lesser parking area.According to few shopkeepers the market has changed over the years ,earlier there were only branded shops in the market but today the market is taken over by the local shops too.Some shops in the market are very old and are well known there.Ladies enjoy shopping there and are found bargaining from the shopkeepers.The market seems to be very busy during week days and is completely empty on Tuesdays.

My next post will have the questions which were asked by the shopkeepers and by the consumers so stay tuned.



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