Name, occupation, age


  1. How old is your shop ?From how long you are working here?
  2. What problems do you face on a regular basis ?
  3. What kind of customers visit your shop ?What is the age group?
  4. On an average how much do you earn in a day?
  5. What change has come to the market over the years?
  6. From where do you get the products?
  7. On an average how many customers do you receive per day ?
  8. What are the various ways you can improve the services of your own shop?
  9. Storage
  11. Which is the most visited shop according to you?
  12. What change have you noticed in market in the past few years?
  13. What do you prefer street shops or the established brands?
  14. How often do you hang out in Gk?Where do you usually hang out?
  15. What is the best part about the market?

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