Feel the festivity !!!

The Indian culture is very famous since ages.India is always known for its cultural diversity.Any festival in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm.Whether its holi, diwali, Eid,Christmas etc , people of India celebrates every festival with lots of love, happiness, excitement, joy .At the time of any festival ,people can be seen putting lots of efforts in making each festival memorable.

Recently it was the festival of Deepawali, also known as the festival lights.Deepawali is a festival which is loved by almost every India as it involves great celebrations and happiness.Its also a very long festival may be thats why people get to enjoy it for a longer time.When Diwali comes every thing looks to so pretty and decorated.If you go outside at this time you will feel as if every one  is so  busy in purchasing something or the other.So much of zeal is there on everyones face and happiness all around.If you enter the market place, there you see lights and glitters all around ,people busy buying items for decorating their houses.Candels,diyas,lights,idols,rangolis etc flourishes the whole market.Vendors set up their shops selling Ganesh Laxmi idols , handmade diyas and other item made of soil for decorating poojas.Jewellery shops are flooded with people purchasing jewellery .People are seen busy buying cloths for the festival for themselves as well as for the family members.Sweet shops are jam-packed at this time ,buying sweets during this time is definitely a ritual.Gifts float from here to there bringing smile on the faces of the relatives.Diwali can not be completed without playing cards with friends and family members.Playing is considered to be pious as playing it once a year is highly cherished.

Wearing traditionals is most loved thing during diwali. Men ,Women ,children everyone is seen carrying traditional at that time, which looks very attractive and beautiful.Women dress up from head to toe in traditionals.The ladies of the house make rangolis and decorates the whole house .

Everyone looks very mush in festive mode during this time.Smiles are seen everywhere ,lights brings happiness in everyones life and a hope to have a great life ahead.


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