Name, occupation, age


  1. How old is your shop ?From how long you are working here?
  2. What problems do you face on a regular basis ?
  3. What kind of customers visit your shop ?What is the age group?
  4. On an average how much do you earn in a day?
  5. What change has come to the market over the years?
  6. From where do you get the products?
  7. On an average how many customers do you receive per day ?
  8. What are the various ways you can improve the services of your own shop?
  9. Storage
  11. Which is the most visited shop according to you?
  12. What change have you noticed in market in the past few years?
  13. What do you prefer street shops or the established brands?
  14. How often do you hang out in Gk?Where do you usually hang out?
  15. What is the best part about the market?

3D Model

The whole area of the GK market is quite large. The market has lanes in which there are shops and in the middle of the lanes there is a park in a rectangular shape.The macro area given to my group is in a L shape.Therefore the 3D model of our map is in L shape along with the area of the park and road.The map that our group created was with nails and white thread.Different shops were marked using different colours and also by putting small flags on it with the name of the shops.

Macro and Micro area

The GK market is a very big market which is divided into lanes.The lanes has many shops, mostly there are shops for clothing.Now the market even has restaurants and cafes where people relax on weekends.There are four grops in the class and each group has been given a lane for study as there macro area.The macro area to which I belong to starts from Geetanjali till the Prince paan vala shop.The lane mostly has clothing shops and very few cafes in it.There are in total 47 shops including the local shops.

Amongst all these shops we have to choose one shop as our micro area in which we can give our design solutions.We can redesign the interiors of the shop or can work on the packaging of the item or can also work on window display etc.The solution has to be taken out only if we find some problem in the shop.

We will create a 3d model of the map of our macro area in the 4th week so stay tuned.



Source:Photography:Priya.G.(19 March 2017) (View inside the shop. Whole view of the lane from outside.)

Observing the culture…


Source:Photography:Priya.G.(19 March 2017) (Ladies busy buying cloths and accessories.  Lanes in GK market full with shops of all kind.)

Greater Kailash market is no doubt a very posh market.The minute you enter there you can feel the vibe of western culture.The market is covered mostly with both branded shops and local shops.Similarly the people there seem to be from an affluent background.The market not only has shops for clothes but also many cafes and pubs where youngsters are found there.Many times foreigners are also seen there enjoying the market and purchasing items.The market has products of all range.From old people to young college going students everyone is found there.The market becomes a bit congested due to not so wide roads and also due to lesser parking area.According to few shopkeepers the market has changed over the years ,earlier there were only branded shops in the market but today the market is taken over by the local shops too.Some shops in the market are very old and are well known there.Ladies enjoy shopping there and are found bargaining from the shopkeepers.The market seems to be very busy during week days and is completely empty on Tuesdays.

My next post will have the questions which were asked by the shopkeepers and by the consumers so stay tuned.


Second Visit to GK

This time my group went to GK on Saturday and not on Tuesday so that we could observe all the shops when they are open.When we reached GK we first went to the lane which was allotted to our group, which was our macro area.I entered almost every shop or if not entered I observed it carefully.This gave me and my friends a basic idea about the shop.I talked to the shopkeepers of the shop and tried to know as much as I can from them about the shop.There were few small shops also except the showrooms and the local shops.Everyone seemed to be every busy there from the shopkeepers to the customers.

My next post will tell about the culture seen in the market ,stay tuned to my blog.



Source:Photography:Priya.G.(19 March 2017) (This is how the market looks like.)

First Visit to GK…

Greater Kailash market popularly known as GK is one of Delhi’s most posh markets,it has many international brands as well as local brands in it,the market has every kind of shops in it.My first visit to Greater Kailash turned out to be incomplete as it was Tuesday and the markets were close.But I feel that the visit was not a waste as we experienced how the market feels when the shops are shut.Although some shops and few local shops were open that day.The roads were not busy as compared to the roads during usual days.My group members and I interacted with few shopkeepers in the local shops to know about the way they work and the problems they face.We also clicked many pictures which shows the street view and also the visual merchandising of few shops.

My next post will contain more about the culture so stay tuned to my post.


Source:Photography:Priya.G.(7 March 2017) (GK market on Tuesdays.)

Module 4 Brief

We started from module 1 eight months ago and now we have reached module 4 the final stage of the foundation year, whatever we learned in all these 3 modules is to be used collectively in module 4 .This module will introduce the learners to the process of design and will encourage them to notice the problems faced by the society and culture.Students will select their micro area from the macro area for the design solution and will finally define their own project.

The next posts will describe my visits to Greater Kailash so stay tuned.